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Williams Spelling Bee

Posted Date: 01/31/2022

Williams Spelling Bee

On Friday afternoon, January 28, The top 36 fourth and fifth grade spellers competed for top spelling honors in the Williams cafetorium and live on Facebook.  After spelling word after word, with increasing difficulty, there were 5 spellers remaining at the end of the fifth round.

One of those students was eliminated in round 7. Another speller was tripped up on round 9 leaving the three finalists, who all qualified for cash prizes.

Third place went to Adrian Vasquez in the 10th round earning him $50.  Round 11 made the final decision as Jacey Hinshaw was tripped up by ENSNAREMENT and Avery Castenon spelled DEMEANOR to take first place.  Hinshaw earned $75 for second and the $100 top prize went to Castenon.

Congratulations to all of those who competed in the bee.  They were the top spellers in their classes. 

The entire bee can be viewed in the YouTube section of the Williams home page.